Growth in the limpet Nacella concinna from contrasting sites in Antarctica

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Clarke, A. , Prothero-Thomas, E. , Beaumont, J. C. , Chapman, A. L. and Brey, T. (2004): Growth in the limpet Nacella concinna from contrasting sites in Antarctica , Polar biology, 28 , pp. 62-71 . doi: 10.1007/s00300-004-0647-8
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Annual shell growth was determined by mark and recapture in the limpet Nacella concinna (Strebel 1908) at two contrasting sites in Antarctica. At Signy Island, 60°S, growth was moderately fast, comparable with some limpets in more temperate areas. The fluorescent calcium marker calcein was used to validate the results from the mark/recapture study, and fine-scale growth increments showed that shell growth was seasonal. Further south at Rothera Point, 67°S, mean annual growth over a 3-year period was significantly slower than at Signy, and in 1 year was the slowest yet reported for a limpet. Comparison with an earlier mark/recapture study at Arthur Harbour, Palmer Station (64°S) revealed a cline of decreasing growth performance with increasing latitude along the Antarctic Peninsula. It is not clear whether the slower annual growth rate at higher latitude was caused by physiological constraints, a reduced length of growing season, or a combination of both. Limpets show a global cline in growth performance, which decreases towards higher latitudes.

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