Ice mass variation in Greenland and Antarctica from GRACE

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Velicogna, I. , Wahr, J. , Hanna, E. and Huybrechts, P. (2005): Ice mass variation in Greenland and Antarctica from GRACE , European Geosciences Union Second General Assembly, Wien (Austria), 25-29 April 2005, Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. 7CD-ROM). .
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The GRACE satellite mission, launched in March of 2002, provides monthly measurementsof time variable gravity at scales of a few hundred kilometers and larger. Thesedata can be used to estimate temporal variations in the distribution of surface mass.Weexamine here the 22 monthly GRACE gravity field solutions that are currently availablefor analyses. We find that these fields can be used to recover mass imbalance andnet snow accumulation for the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. GRACE estimatesof Greenland mass change agree with ice mass imbalance estimates from altimeterheights within measurement errors. We also estimate net snow accumulation from thenonsecular component of the GRACE signal.We compared nonsecular variation fromGRACE with ERA40-derived estimates and we interpreted the differences.

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