Dynamic and Timing of the Yermak/Hinlopen Slide, Arctic Ocean

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Winkelmann, D. , Jokat, W. , Niessen, F. , Stein, R. and Winkler, A. (2006): Dynamic and Timing of the Yermak/Hinlopen Slide, Arctic Ocean , European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2006 Vienna, Austria 07 April 2006. .
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Based on integrated interpretation of acoustic (PARASOUND), detailed bathymetric and seismic data of the shelf north of Spitsbergen, the published extend of the submarine Yermak Slide (Cherkis et al., 1999) has been refined. Key profiles across the margins of the slide have been sampled for sedimentological characterisation and dating of the submarine slide. AMS radiocarbon dating on shells of N. Pachyderma sin. of carefully selected key-cores allowed a solid characterisation of the age of the Yermak Slide. The data gives evidence of one large scale failure event at the termination of the Hinlopen cross shelf trough during MIS 3. This first event was followed by repeated minor events. The submarine megaslide developed into a submarine debris avalanche with tens of megablocks reaching extensions of up to 5 km and a relief of more than 300 m above the surrounding debris. The slides debris rushed into the semi-enclosed Sophia Basin and finally funneled out into Nansen Basin. First calculations on the slides area of more than 10.000 km2 and its volu me of app. 2.400 km3 puts the Yermak Slide among the largest exposed submarine slides worldwide.

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