Lagrangian avenues of transport in the Earths mantle

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Schneider, J. , Schmalzl, J. and Tel, T. (2007): Lagrangian avenues of transport in the Earths mantle , Chaos 17, 033115 (2007), 17 . doi: 10.1063/1.2771416
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A method of visualizing and characterizing stirring structures of high Rayleigh number geophysical flows whose time dependence is strongly aperiodic is presented. To this end, the system is leaked by defining a smaller region of the flow, so that a particle is considered to be escaped if it enters thisregion. By means of an ensemble of nonescaped tracers, we are able to characterize stirring and transport processes by visualizing the converging and stretching filamentations (stable and unstable manifolds) of the flow. The method indicates that the present-day Earths mantle is not well stirredbecause the time that has passed since the formation of the Earth has not been long enough for the flow of the mantle to generate efficient stirring, and observations reveal indeed the existence of reservoirs of different materials.

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