The sea ice thickness distribution in the northwestern Weddell Sea

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Lange, M. A. and Eicken, H. (1991): The sea ice thickness distribution in the northwestern Weddell Sea , Journal of Geophysical Research-OceansC3, 96 , pp. 4821-4837 .
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We present new data on distribution of snow and sea ice thicknesses in the northwestern Weddell Sea. The data were obtained through direct measurements along 19 profiles, each approximately 100 m long on 17 different floes located between 54-degrees-46-degrees-W and 59-degrees-64-degrees-S. The overall probability density functions (PDFs) for ice thicknesses reflect the complex mixture of first-, second-, and multi-year ice to be expected in the outflowing branch of the Weddell Gyre. Further differentiation of the data reveals four distinct thickness classes which reflect differences in the formation and subsequent histories of the ice encountered. These classes (I-IV) represent strongly deformed first year ice, less deformed first-and second-year ice, and deformed second- or multi-year ice, respectively. Each of the classes is characterized by a specific set of quantities related to ice texture and surface snow characteristics and by distinct PDFs for snow and ice thicknesses. In addition, geometric surface and bottom roughness characteristics differ significantly for each of the floe classes.

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