Decadal variations of sea surface fCO2 observed in the Southern Ocean

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Metzl, N. , Tilbrook, B. , Lenton, A. , Takahashi, T. , Bakker, D. C. E. , Ishii, M. , Inoue, H. Y. , Sabine, C. , Sweeney, C. , Hoppema, M. , Olsen, A. and Pfeil, B. (2009): Decadal variations of sea surface fCO2 observed in the Southern Ocean , SOLAS Open Science Conference, 16-19 November 2009, Barcelona, Spain. .
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Decadal trends of sea surface fCO2 are investigated in the Southern Ocean (SO) based on two synthesis products, the LDEO-V07 and the international SOCAT data set (Surface Ocean CO2 ATlas developped in the frame of the SOLAS-IMBER-Carbon Surface Ocean Systems group). At latitude 50-55°S linear fCO2 trend in winters 1991-2007 is +1.74 (±0.26) µatm.yr-1 close to (or slightly above) the atmospheric CO2 growth rate of +1.69 (±0.01) µatm.yr-1 during the same period, suggesting that the ocean carbon uptake is not increasing. This is consistent with the positive phase of the SouthernAnnular Mode. The trends are also evaluated following two periods, 1991-2000 and 2000-2007, and for different latitudinal bands and regions. Preliminary results suggest that in the SO, fCO2 increased faster in recent years, but the decadal trends also highly depend on data selection (winter versus summer), regions and collection.

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