Short range radar observations on Ekströmisen, Antarctica

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Rosenberger, A. , Oerter, H. and Miller, H. (1997): Short range radar observations on Ekströmisen, Antarctica , Polarforschung, 65 (1), pp. 1-14 .
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A new digital impulse radar, designed at Alfred Wegener Institute, has undergone a first field-test on the Ekstrom Ice Shelf. Due to a special dynamic compression scheme, the instrument has excellent short range capabilities and the resolution is better than one meter. Several profiles were acquired during the tests in the summer season 1992-1993 from which Halvfarryggen down to the central part of the Ekstrom Ice Shelf and continues north towards the Georg von Neumayer Station. Although the data quality of the long range record suffered from electromagnetic compatibility problems, which could not be immediately remedied in the field, the short range records show detailed structure which may give some insight into the flow kinematics of the Ekstrom Ice Shelf.

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