Report on integration of data and publications

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Reilly, S. , Schallier, W. , Schrimpf, S. , Smit, E. and Wilkinson, M. (2011): Report on integration of data and publications , [Miscellaneous]
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Opportunities for Data Exchange (ODE) is a FP7 Project carried out by members of the Alliance for Permanent Access (APA), which is gathering evidence to support strategic investment in the emerging e-Infrastructure for data sharing, re-use and preservation. This report sets out to identify examples of integration between datasets and publications. Findings from existing studies carried out by PARSE.Insight, RIN, SURF and various recent publications are synthesized and examined in relation to three distinct disciplinary groups in order to identify opportunities in the integration of data. These groups are Researchers, Publishers and Libraries/Data centres. Opportunities identified for each group have been scoped against seven criteria: Availability,Findability, Interpretability, Reusability, Citability, Curation and Preservation. Opportunities to improve the linking of data and publications have been identified for each stakeholder group and mapped against each of the criteria in tables at the end of this summary. Based on an examination of the available research and literature, incentives and barriers relating to data exchange are identified for each disciplinary group. The content of a draft of this report formed the basis of a workshop in June 2011 with professionals from research libraries. The workshop served to validate this opportunities and issues identified in this report.

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