Marine GMES Products for German Users

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Janssen, F. , Ehlert, I. , Brockmann, C. , Bruns, T. , Eskildsen, K. , Müller, G. , Christmann, R. , Gade, M. , Loza, S. and Brügge, B. (2012): Marine GMES Products for German Users , MyOcean Science Days Workshop, Geesthacht (Germany), 19 November 2012 - 21 November 2012 .
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The joint-research project DeMarine-2 aims at supporting and developing marine GMES services in Germany. Particularly, the project will come up with user-friendly products in a pre-operational status. Joint efforts are undertaken to describe and predict the physical and ecological state of the German coastal waters, to analyze and predict sea swell at a very high resolution, to monitor the Wadden Sea World Heritage, and to deliver tactic information about the sea-ice state based on remote-sensing data. Moreover, a user office is run that serves as a central information and supporting unit. DeMarine-2 uses GMES-core services provided by the project MyOcean2. These investigations, developments, and support will enable DeMarine-2 to finally deliver products, which are specific to the end-user needs.

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