Infrared microspectroscopy with a synchrotron light source

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Johnson, S. M. , Beichert, P. , Schrems, O. and Nelander, B. (2000): Infrared microspectroscopy with a synchrotron light source , Asian Chemistry Letters, Vol.4, Nos.1&2, pp. 45-55 .
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We report the initial trial of an infrared microscope at the beamline for infrared spectroscopy at the MAX-I storage ring in Lund, Sweden. Significantly increased microscope signal intensity was observed for synchroton radiation as compared to a standard blackbody light source, up to a factor of 33 depending on wavelength. Systems investigated include single crystals of cis and trans Pt(S(CH3)2)2Cl2 crystals of indandione-1,3-betaine-pyridine and human hair. Two- dimensional maps were made at 25 µm resolution from a 10 µm thick section of a brain from the turnip moth Agrotis segetum. Surface plots were constructed of absoption intensity in the OH stretch, amide I and II, and CH stretching regions. These examples demonstrate the versatility of the technique of infrared microspectroscopy, and the advantage of using a storage ring as an infrared light source.

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