PANGAEA information system for glaciological data management

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Diepenbroek, M. , Fütterer, D. , Grobe, H. , Miller, H. , Reinke, M. and Sieger, R. (1998): PANGAEA information system for glaciological data management , Annals of Glaciology, 27 , pp. 655-660 .
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Specific parameters determined on cores from continental ice sheets or glaciers can be used to reconstruct former climate. To use this scientific resource effectively an information system is needed which guarantees consistent longtime storage of data and provides easy access for the scientific community.An information system to archive any data of paleoclimatic relevance, together with the related metadata, raw data and evaluated paleoclimatic data, is presented. The system, based on a relational database, provides standardized import and export routines, easy access with uniform retrieval functions, and tools for the visualization of the data. The network is designed as a client/server system providing access through the Internet with proprietary client software including a high functionality or read-only access on published data via the World Wide Web.

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