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Fuentes, V. , Algueró, M. , Lyndsay, D. , Isla, E. and Gili, J. M. (2012)
Amphinema gordini sp. nov., a new benthopelagic medusa (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa: Anthomedusae: Pandeidae) collected by sediment traps off the Northern Chilean coast. ,
Marine Biodiversity, 42 , pp. 217-224 .
doi:10.1007/s12526-011-0108-x , hdl:10013/epic.40836

Meyer, B. , Auerswald, L. , Siegel, V. , Spahic, S. , Pape, C. , Fach, B. , Teschke, M. , Lopata, A. L. and Fuentes, V. (2010)
Seasonal variation in body composition, metabolic activity, feeding, and growth of adult krill Euphausia superba in the Lazarev Sea ,
Marine Ecology Progress Series, 398 , pp. 1-18 .
doi:10.3354/meps08371 , hdl:10013/epic.33952

Töbe, K. , Meyer, B. and Fuentes, V. (2009)
Detection of zooplankton items in the stomach and gut content of larval krill, Euphausia superba, using a molecular approach ,
Polar Biology. .
doi:10.1007/s00300-009-0714-2 , hdl:10013/epic.33425

Meyer, B. , Fuentes, V. , Guerra, C. , Schmidt, K. , Atkinson, A. , Spahic, S. , Cisewski, B. , Freier, U. , Olariaga, A. and Bathmann, U. (2009)
Physiology, growth and development of larval krill Euphausia superba in autumn and winter in the Lazarev Sea, Antarctica ,
Limnology and Oceanography, 54 (5), pp. 1595-1614 .

Schloss, I. , Ferreyra, G. A. , González, O. , Atencio, A. , Fuentes, V. , Tosonotto, G. , Mercuri, G. , Sahade, R. , Tatián, M. and Abele, D. (2008)
Long term hydrographic conditions and climate trends in Potter Cove ,
Wiencke, C., Ferreyra, G., Abele, D., Marenssi, S. (eds): The Potter Cove coastal ecosystem, Antarctica. Synopsis of research performed 1999-2006 at the Dallmann Laboratory and Jubany Station, King George Island (Isla 25 de Mayo). Ber. Polarforsch. Meeres .

Fuentes, V. and Pagès, F. (2006)
Description of Jubanyella plemmyris gen. nov. et sp. nov. (Cnidaria:Hydrozoa:Narcomedusae) from a specimen stranded off Jubany Antarctic station, with a new diagnosis for the family Aeginidae ,
Journal of Plankton Research, 28 , pp. 959-963 .

Barnes, D. K. A. , Fuentes, V. , Clarke, A. and Ischloss, I. R. (2006)
Spatial and temporal variation in shallow seawater temperatures around Antarctica ,
Deep-sea research ii, 53 , pp. 853-865 .

Veit-Köhler, G. and Fuentes, V. (2006)
A new pelagic Alteutha (Copepoda: Harpacticoida) from Potter Cove, King George Island, Antarctica - description, ecology and information on its year round distribution ,
Hydrobiologia, 583 (1), pp. 141-163 .
doi:10.1007/s10750-006-0482-8 , hdl:10013/epic.34575

Pakhomov, E. A. , Fuentes, V. , Schloss, I. , Atencio, A. and Esnal, G. B. (2003)
Beaching of the tunicate Salpa thompsoni at high levels of suspended particulate matter in the Southern Ocean ,
Polar Biology, 26 , pp. 427-431 .
doi:10.1007/s00300-003-0494-z , hdl:10013/epic.16316

Thatje, S. and Fuentes, V. (2003)
First record of anomuran and brachyuran larvae (Crustacea: Decapoda) from Antarctic waters ,
Polar Biology:, 26 , pp. 279-282 .


Thesis -PhD
Fuentes, V. (2006)
Study of the zooplankton community of Potter Cove and Maxwell Bay (25 de Mayo Island): its role in the carbon flux at Antarctic coastal areas ,
PhD thesis, University of Buenos Aires.


Conference -Talk
Meyer, B. , Fuentes, V. , Guerra, C. , Schmidt, K. , Spahic, S. , Freier, U. , Olariaga, A. , Cisewski, B. , Strass, V. and Bathmann, U. (2008)
Physiological state of larval krill, Euphausis superba in autumn and winter in the Lazarev Sea ,
SCAR/IASC IPY Open Science Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia, July 8th to 11th 2008. .

Conference -Poster
Fuentes, V. , Schloss, I. , Atencio, A. and Meyer, B. (2007)
Importance of krill in Potter Cove: Food source for fishes ,
4th International Zooplankton Symposium 28.5-1.5.2007, Hiroshima, Japan. .

Conference -Talk
Meyer, B. , Fuentes, V. , Guerra, C. , Schmidt, K. , Spahic, S. , Pape, C. and Freier, U. (2007)
The importance of samall zooplankton food for larval krill, Euphausia superba in austral autumn and winter in the Lazarev Sea: A comparison of experimental results with field data ,
4th international Zooplankton Pproduction Symposium 28.5.-1.6.2007, Hiroshima, Japan. .

Conference -Poster
Fuentes, V. and Schiel, S. (2005)
Annual Cycle of Copepods abundance, species and stages composition in Potter Cove and Maxwell Bay (King George Island, Antarctica) ,
The 9th International Conference on Copepoda, July 11-15, 2005, Hammamet, Tunisia. .

Conference -Talk
Sahade, R. , Graeve, M. , Fuentes, V. and Tatian, M. (2005)
Food web structure at Potter Cove, King George Island. Preliminary results. ,
IX SCAR Antarctic Biology Symposium, 25-29 July, Curitiba, Brasil. .

Conference -Poster
Fuentes, V. and Veit-Köhler, G. (2004)
A new pelagic Alteutha (Copepoda: Harpacticoida) from Potter Cove, King George Island, Antarctica - description, ecology and information on its year round distribution ,
ECOLOGY OF THE ANTARCTIC SEA ICE ZONE Final Symposium, September/October 2004 Korčula, Croatia. .

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