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Rex, M. , Wohltmann, I. , Ridder, T. , Lehmann, R. , Rosenlof, K. , Wennberg, P. , Weisenstein, D. K. , Notholt, J. , Krüger, K. , Mohr, V. and Tegtmeier, S. (2014)
A Tropical West Pacific OH Minimum and Implications for Stratospheric Composition ,
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14 (9), pp. 4827-4841 .
doi:10.5194/acp-14-4827-2014 , hdl:10013/epic.43546

Krüger, K. , Tegtmeier, S. and Rex, M. (2009)
Variability of residence time in the Tropical Tropopause Layer during Northern Hemisphere winter ,
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 9 , pp. 6717-6725 .

Krüger, K. , Tegtmeier, S. and Rex, M. (2008)
Long-term climatology of transport processes in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (TTL) during NH winter ,
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 8 , pp. 813-823 .

Tegtmeier, S. , Rex, M. , Wohltmann, I. and Krüger, K. (2008)
Relative importance of dynamical and chemical contributions to Arctic wintertime ozone ,
Geophysical Research Letters, 35, L17801 .
doi:10.1029/2008GL034250 , hdl:10013/epic.31280

Tegtmeier, S. , Krüger, K. , Wohltmann, I. , Schoellhammer, K. and Rex, M. (2008)
Variations of the residual circulation in the northern hemispheric winter ,
Journal of Geophysical Research, 113, D16109 .
doi:10.1029/2007JD009518 , hdl:10013/epic.30962

Immler, F. , Krüger, K. , Tegtmeier, S. , Fujiwara, M. , Fortuin, P. , Verver, G. and Schrems, O. (2007)
Cirrus clouds, humidity, and dehydration in the tropical tropopause layer observed at Paramaribo, Suriname (5.8°N, 55.2°W) ,
Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, D03209 .
doi:10.1029/2006JD007440 , hdl:10013/epic.24258


Conference -Talk
Wohltmann, I. , Schofield, R. , Tegtmeier, S. , Kremser, S. , Lehmann, R. and Rex, M. (2010)
Lagrangian modelling of VSLS transport and chemistry ,
SHIVA Annual Meeting, 5-6 July 2010, Paris. .

Conference -Poster
Quack, B. , Krüger, K. , Tegtmeier, S. , Atlas, E. L. , Bracher, A. , Dinter, T. , Wache, S. and Wallace, D. (2010)
Stratospheric halogens from the western Pacific ocean ,
AGU Fall meeting 2010, 15.12.2010, San Francisco, CA, USA.. .

Conference -Poster
Immler, F. , Krüger, K. , Tegtmeier, S. , Schrems, O. , Verver, G. and Fortuin, P. (2006)
Lidar observations and model studies of subvisible cloud formation at the tropical tropopause. ,
EGU general assembly, Wien.-7.04.2006. .

Conference -Talk
Krüger, K. , Tegtmeier, S. , Wohltmann, I. and Rex, M. (2006)
Multi-year calculations of transport processes in the TTL ,
SCOUT O3 Workshop, 20.3-24.3, Jülich, Germany. .

Conference -Poster
Tegtmeier, S. , Rex, M. , Krüger, K. , Wohltmann, I. and Schöllhammer, K. (2006)
Variations of the Residual Circulation in Northern Hemispheric Winter and Their Impact on Arctic Ozone ,
AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA. .

Conference -Poster
Krüger, K. , Tegtmeier, S. , Immler, F. , Rex, M. , Wohltmann, I. , Schrems, O. , Haynes, P. and Morcrette, J. J. (2005)
Transport processes in the TTL calculated by a newly developed trajectory model coupled with a radiative transfer model ,
EGU General Assembly 2005, 24-29 April, Vienna, Austria. .

Conference -Talk
Wohltmann, I. , Rex, M. , Tegtmeier, S. , Schöllhammer, K. , Weber, M. , Dhomse, S. , Eyring, V. and Dameris, M. (2004)
Control of stratospheric ozone transport and chemistry by tropospheric climate variability ,
Talk at EGU 1st General Assembly 2004, 26-30 April, Nice, France and at the CANDIDOZ Workshop, 16-17 March, Zürich, Switzerland .

Conference -Talk
Rex, M. , Wohltmann, I. , Schöllhammer, K. and Tegtmeier, S. (2004)
Dynamische und chemische Einflussfaktoren auf die Ozonschicht im sich verändernden Klima ,
AFO 2000 Abschlusssymposium. .

Conference -Poster
Immler, F. , Sandradewi, J. , Herber, A. , Schrems, O. and Tegtmeier, S. (2004)
Lidar- und Sonnenphotometermessungen von Saharastaubschichten über dem Atlantik ,
Frühjahrstagung der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft, 22.-23. März, München, Germany. .

Conference -Poster
Rex, M. , Wohltmann, I. , Tegtmeier, S. and Schöllhammer, K. (2004)
Quantification of dynamically and chemically induced changes of the Arctic ozone layer - empirical results and model calculations ,
AFO2000 Symposium, 22-24 March 2004, Bad Tölz, Germany. .

Conference -Poster
Schöllhammer, K. , Wohltmann, I. , Tegtmeier, S. and Rex, M. (2004)
Vertical velocities in the ECMWF ERA-40 data: Comparisons with NCEP reanalysis, ECMWF operational data, and diabatic calculations ,
Poster at EGU 1st General Assembly, 26-30 April, Nice, France. .

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