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Geibert, W. and Vöge, I. (2008)
Progress in the Determination of 227Ac in Sea Water ,
Marine Chemistry, 109 (3-4), pp. 238-249 .
doi:10.1016/j.marchem.2007.07.012 , hdl:10013/epic.39142

Rutgers v. d. Loeff, M. , Sarin, M. M. , Baskaran, M. , Benitez-Nelson, C. , Buesseler, K. O. , Charette, M. , Dai, M. , Gustafsson, Ö. , Masque, P. , Morris, P. J. , Orlandini, K. , Rodriguez y Baena, A. , Savoye, N. , Schmidt, S. , Turnewitsch, R. , Vöge, I. and Waples, J. T. (2006)
A review of present techniques and methodological advances in analyzing 234Th in aquatic systems ,
Marine chemistry, 100 (3), pp. 190-212 .
doi:10.1016/j.marchem.2005.10.012 , hdl:10013/epic.22862

Roy-Barman, M. , Jeandel, C. , Rutgers v. d. Loeff, M. , Vöge, I. , Souhaut, M. , Leblond, N. and Freydier, R. (2005)
The influence of particle composition on Thorium scavenging in the NE Atlantic ocean (POMME experiment) ,
Earth and planetary science letters, 240 (3), pp. 681-693 .
doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2005.09.059 , hdl:10013/epic.23866


Hanfland, C. , Geibert, W. , Vöge, I. and Rutgers v. d. Loeff, M. (2007)
Atom-Uhren im Südlichen Ozean ,
Polarstern : 25 Jahre Forschung in Arktis und Antarktis / Dieter K. Fütterer; Eberhard Fahrbach. Bielefeld : Delius Klasing .

Rutgers v. d. Loeff, M. , Friedrich, J. , Geibert, W. , Hanfland, C. , Höltzen, H. , Vöge, I. and Walter, H. J. (2004)
Radionuclides as tracers for particle flux and transport of water masses in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean ,
The South Atlantic in the Late Quaternary - Reconstruction of Material Budget and Current systems. Wefer, G., Ratmeyer, V. and Meinecke, G. (Eds.), Springer-Verlag : Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, Tokyo:, ISBN: 3-540-21028-8 .


Conference -Conference paper
Hanfland, C. , Geibert, W. and Vöge, I. (2006)
Tracing marine processes in the Southern Ocean by means of naturally occurring radionuclides ,
Antarctica : contributions to global earth sciences ; proceedings of the IX International Symposium of Antarctic Earth Sciences PotsdamHrsg. Dieter Fütterer; Detlef Damaske; Georg Kleinschmidt ... Berlin [u.a.] : Springer .

Conference -Poster
Hanfland, C. , Geibert, W. , Vöge, I. , Niemann, S. and Rutgers v. d. Loeff, M. (2003)
The application of natural radionuclides in marine issues in the Southern Ocean ,
9th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences, 7.-12.9.2003, Potsdam, Germany. .

Conference -Poster
Hanfland, C. , Geibert, W. , Rutgers v. d. Loeff, M. and Vöge, I. (2002)
Die Anwendung natürlicher Radionuklide auf marine Fragestellungen in den Polargebieten ,
Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft .

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