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Varma, V. , Prange, M. , Merkel, U. , Kleinen, T. , Lohmann, G. , Pfeiffer, M. , Renssen, H. , Wagner, A. , Wagner, S. and Schulz, M. (2012)
Holocene evolution of the Southern Hemisphere westerly winds in transient simulations with global climate models ,
Climate of the Past, 8 , pp. 391-401 .
doi:10.5194/cp-8-391-2012 , hdl:10013/epic.39267

Wagner, A. , Lohmann, G. and Prange, M. (2011)
Arctic river discharge trends since 7ka BP ,
Global and Planetary Change, 79 (1-2), pp. 48-60 .
doi:10.1016/j.gloplacha.2011.07.006 , hdl:10013/epic.38123

Müller, J. , Wagner, A. , Fahl, K. , Stein, R. , Prange, M. and Lohmann, G. (2011)
Towards quantitative sea ice reconstructions in the northern North Atlantic: A combined biomarker and numerical modelling approach ,
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 306 (3), pp. 137-148 .
doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2011.04.011 , hdl:10013/epic.37784

Dring, M. J. , Wagner, A. and Lüning, K. (2001)
Contribution of the UV component of natural sunlight to photoinhibition of photosynthesis in six species of subtidal brown and red seaweeds ,
Plant cell and environment, 24 , pp. 1153-1164 .

Dring, M. J. , Wagner, A. , Franklin, L. A. , Kuhlenkamp, R. and Lüning, K. (2001)
Seasonal and diurnal variations in ultraviolet-B and ultraviolet-A irradiances at and below the sea surface at Helgoland (North Sea) over a 6-year period ,
Helgoland Marine Research, 55 , pp. 3-11 .
doi:10.1007/s101520000063 , hdl:10013/epic.14616

Lüning, K. , Wagner, A. and Buchholz, C. (2000)
Evidence for inhibitors of sporangium formation in Laminaria digitata (Phaeophyceae) during the season of rapid growth ,
Journal of Phycology, 36 , pp. 1129-1134 .


Conference -Talk
Müller, J. , Wagner, A. , Stärz, M. and Stein, R. (2013)
Late glacial and interglacial sea ice variability in the Arctic Ocean: new insights from proxy and numerical modelling data ,
EGU General Assembly 2013, Vienna, Austria, 7 April 2013 - 12 April 2013 .

Conference -Talk
Bartsch, I. , Vogt, J. , Pehlke, C. and Wagner, A. (2011)
Temperature control of Laminaria digitata at Helgoland (North Sea): Prevailing summer temperatures are bottle-neck for reproduction ,
5th European Phycological Congress, 4-9 September 2011, Rhodes Island, Greece. .

Conference -Invited talk
Bartsch, I. , Vogt, J. , Pehlke, C. and Wagner, A. (2011)
Temperature control of Laminaria digitata at Helgoland (North Sea): prevailing summer temperatures are bottle-neck for reproduction ,
Invited seminar: Station biologique de Roscoff, Franceth May 2011. .

Conference -Talk
Bartsch, I. , Wagner, A. , Schumacher, R. and Karsten, U. (2003)
Temperatur- und Lichtbedarf der Sporogenese des Helgoländer Brauntanges Laminaria digitata ,
9. Tagung Sektion Phykologie in der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft, 27.-30.4.2003, Bad Münster am Stein, Germany. .

Conference -Talk
Bartsch, I. , Wagner, A. , Preisler, A. and Hanelt, D. (2001)
Investigations into the sporogenesis of the North Atlantic kelp Laminaria digitata ,
7th International Phycological Congress, 18-25 Aug, Thessaloniki, Greece. .

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