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Walther, K. , Anger, K. and Pörtner, H. O. (2010)
Effects of ocean acidification and warming on the larval development of the spider crab Hyas araneus from different latitudes (54° vs. 79°N) ,
Marine Ecology Progress Series, 417170., 159 .
doi:10.3354/meps08807 , hdl:10013/epic.36198

Lunau, M. , Lemke, A. , Walther, K. , Martnes-Habbena, W. and Simon, M. (2005)
An improved method for counting bacteria from sediments and turbid environments by epifluorescence microscopy ,
Environmental Microbiology, 7 (7), pp. 961-968 .
doi:10.1111/j.1462-2920.2005.00767.x , hdl:10013/epic.26638


Thesis -Diplom
Walther, K. (2006)
Fluorimetrische Untersuchungen zur Chemorezeption der Garnele Palaemonetes argentinus ,
Diplom thesis, Universität Hamburg.


Conference -Talk
Sommer, U. , Lewandowska, A. , Biermann, A. , Breithaupt, P. , Lengfellner, K. , Walther, K. , von Scheibner, M. , Wohlers, J. , Engel, A. , Jürgens, K. , Hoppe, H. G. , Riebesell, U. and Gaedke, U. (2010)
Climat Change effects on the plankton spring-bloom-Overview of the Kiel Mesocosm Cluster ,
Life in warming waters, AQUASHIFT final workshop, 4.-7.10.2010, University of Kiel, Germany. .

Conference -Talk
Bickmeyer, U. , Walther, K. , Klings, K. W. and Anger, K. (2007)
Chemoreception of bromophenols by transparent palaemonid shrimps ,
42nd EMBS in Kiel, August 2007. .

Conference -Talk
Sommer, U. , Aberle, N. , Breithaupt, P. , Engel, A. , Hoppe, H. G. , Jürgens, K. , Lengfellner, K. , Riebesell, U. , Walther, K. and Wohlers, J. (2007)
Climate change, seasonal plankton succession and mismatch in food chains ,
37th Annual Conference of the Ecological Society of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Marburg.09.07. .

Conference -Poster
Bickmeyer, U. , Walther, K. , Klings, K. W. and Anger, K. (2007)
Fluorimetric measurement of calcium signals in intact palaemonid shrimps following chemical stimulation with amino acids and bromophenol ,
Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society 2007 T20-2B. .

Conference -Talk
Bickmeyer, U. , Hassenklöver, T. , Walther, K. and Anger, K. (2006)
2,4-Dibromophenol and 2,4,6-tribromophenol disturb cellular calcium signaling and constitute an olfactoy signal to shrimps ,
Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft für Ökologie, Bd 36, p 307. 36th Annual Conference of the Ecological Society in Bremen, September 11-15 .

Conference -Poster
Hassenklöver, T. , Walther, K. and Bickmeyer, U. (2006)
Bromophenols, secondary metabolites from marine organisms, disturb cellular calcium signaling in neuroendocrine cells and represent a strong olfactory stimulus in shrimps ,
FENS Forum Abstracts, vol.3, A183.7 .

Conference -Poster
Bickmeyer, U. , Walther, K. and Anger, K. (2006)
Chemoreception of amino acids and 2,4-dibromphenol, a marine secondary metabolite, by shrimps of the genus Palaemonetes ,
FENS Forum Abstracts, vol.3, A074.3 .

Conference -Talk
Bickmeyer, U. , Hassenklöver, T. , Walther, K. , Klings, K. W. and Köck, M. (2006)
Marine toxins and secondary metabolites alter cellular calcium signals secondary metabolites as aquatic chemical signals ,
CO-Symposium 16.17. Februar 2006. .

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