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Conference -Conference paper
Augstein, E. , Gube, M. and Wamser, C. (1984)
Report of the Second Alfred-Wegener-Conference on Air-Sea-Ice Interactions, Bremerhaven, 1983 ,

Conference -Conference paper
Hempel, G. (1984)
Antarctic research in the Federal Republic of Germany ,
Antarctic Challenge: conflicting interests, cooperation, environmental protection, economic development Proc of an Interdisciplinary Symp , Kiel, 1983 (R Wolfrum, ed ) Duncker & Humblot, Berlin .

Conference -Conference paper
Wedekind, D. , El Naggar, S. E. D. , Schweitzer-Stenner, R. and Dreybrodt, W. (1984)
pH induced changes of tertiary structure of oxyhaemoglobin, detected by resonance Raman-spectroscopy. ,
Proceedings of the 9th international symposium on Raman spectroscopy and biological sciences. .

Conference -Invited talk
Schiel, S. (1984)
Zur Verteilung der Copepoden im atlantischen Sektor der Antarktis in Beziehung zu Hydrographie und Nahrungsangebot. ,
Deutsche Wissenschaftliche Kommission, Hamburg. .

Conference -Invited talk
Schiel, S. (1984)
Current and future ocean-going polar research by the Federal Republic of Germany ,
Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla, USA. .

Conference -Invited talk
Schrems, O. (1984)
Vibrational Excitation of Conformational Interconversions in Low Temperature Matrices ,
Invited lecture, Department of Chemistry, Indiana-Purdue University, 23 February 1984, Indianapolis (USA). .

Conference -Poster
Schrems, O. (1984)
IR-Laser-induced Interconversions of Hydrogen-Bonded Dimers in Cryogenic Matrices ,
XVI. Informal Conference on Photochemistry, Harvard University, 20-24 August 1984, Cambridge, MA (USA). .

Conference -Poster
Schrems, O. (1984)
Selective Vibrational Excitation of Isomerizations in Cryogenic Matrices ,
Gordon Research Conference on Vibrational Spectroscopy, Brewster Academy, 23 August 1984, Wolfeboro, NH (USA). .

Conference -Talk
Schrems, O. (1984)
IR-Laser-induced Conformational Interconversions in Low Temperature Matrices ,
Lecture, Conference on Laser Studies in Reaction Kinetics, 24-27 September 1984, Tutzing (Germany). .

Conference -Invited talk
Schrems, O. (1984)
Photoisomerisierungen in Edelgasmatrizen durch selektive Schwingungsanregung mit Infrarotlasern ,
Invited lecture, Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, 4 December 1994, Garching (Germany). .

Conference -Conference paper
Gurvich, E. (1984)
On accumulation of metalliferous strata in the Pacific Ocean ,
Geology of Oceans and Seas, vol. 3. Moscow, IOAN .

Conference -Conference paper
Gurvich, E. , Bogdanov, Y. A. and Lisitzin, A. P. (1984)
Metalliferous sediments from the basal layer of the Pacific Ocean sedimentary cover ,
Geology of Oceans and Seas, vol. 3. Moscow, IOAN .

Conference -Conference paper
Gurvich, E. , Levitan, M. A. , Khramov, S. V. and Shurygina, E. V. (1984)
Chemical composition of Fe-Mn formations from the fault zones of the North Pacific ,
Geology of Oceans and Seas, vol. 3. Moscow, IOAN .

Conference -Conference paper
Strijov, V. P. , Ustinov, V. I. and Gurvich, E. (1984)
Oxygen isotope composition of Fe-Mn hydrothermal formations and pelagic nodules of the ocean ,
X All-Union Symposium on Stable Isotopes in Geochemistry. Moscow, GEOKHI .

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