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Thomas, K. , Blay, P. , Burton, I. W. , Cembella, A. , Craft, C. , Crain, S. , Hardstaff, W. R. , Laycock, M. , LeBlanc, D. , LeBlanc, P. , Lewis, N. , MacKinnon, S. L. , Reeves, K. , Walter, J. , Windust, A. J. and Quilliam, M. A. (2004): Certified reference materials for marine algal toxins. , In: Harmful Algae 2002. Steidinger, K.A., Landsberg, J.H., Tomas, C.R., and Vargo, G.A. (Eds.) Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, pp. .


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