The genus Laminaria sensu lato: recent insights and developments

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AbstractThis review about the genus Laminaria sensu lato summarizes the extensive literature that has been published since the overview of the genus given by Kain in 1979. The recent proposal to divide the genus into the two genera Laminaria and Saccharina is acknowledged, but the published data are discussed under a sensu lato concept, introduced here. This includesall species which have been considered to be Laminaria before the division of the genus. In detail, after an introduction the review covers recent insights into phylogeny and taxonomy, and discusses morphotypes, ecotypes, population genetics and demography. It describes growth and photosynthetic performance of sporophytes with special paragraphs on the regulationof sporogenesis, regulation by endogenous rhythms, nutrient metabolism, storage products, and salinity tolerance. The biology of microstages is discussed separately. The ecology of these kelps is described with a focus on stress defence against abiotic and biotic factors and the role of Laminaria as habitat, its trophic interactions and its competition is discussed. Finally, recent developments in aquaculture are summarized. In conclusion to each section, as a perspective and guide to future research, we draw attention to the remaining gaps in the knowledge about the genus and kelps in general.

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DOI 10.1080/09670260701711376

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Bartsch, I. , Wiencke, C. , Bischof, K. , Buchholz, C. , Buck, B. H. , Eggert, A. , Feuerpfeil, P. , Hanelt, D. , Jacobsen, S. , Karez, R. , Karsten, U. , Molis, M. , Roleda, M. , Schumann, R. , Schubert, H. , Valentin, K. U. , Weinberger, F. and Wiese, J. (2008): The genus Laminaria sensu lato: recent insights and developments , European Journal of Phycology, 43 (1), pp. 1-86 . doi: 10.1080/09670260701711376

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