The IPY BONUS-GOODHOPE cruise in the Southern Ocean

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In the framework of the IPY (GEOTRACES, ICED & CASO), BONUS-GOODHOPE aims at understanding the interactions between the oceanic dynamics, the bio- and geo-chemistry, the sediment and the atmosphere in the Southern Ocean and south-eastern Atlantic Ocean. The multidisciplinary and international MD166 BONUS-GOODHOPE cruise was conducted on board of the French R.V. MARION-DUFRESNE II between 33.58°S 17.14 °E and 57.33°S 00.02°W, from 08/02/13 to 08/03/24. A huge field work was achieved to collect samples and data in seawater (Niskin-CTD; GO-FLO, in situ pumps, underway pumping, XBTs, PROVOR, CPIES, deck incubations), in the atmosphere (balloons, dust and rain collection, sensors), and in the sediment (surficial multicorer). The unique complementary approach, based on the coupling of multitracers of selected trace elements and isotopes, with the biogeochemistry, the physical oceanography and the atmospheric dynamics, has the potential to provide unique insights into a wide range of oceanic processes and the status of the functioning of the Southern Ocean. Furthermore the synopticity with the German R.V. POLARSTERN (IPY ANT-XXIV/3 cruise) along the Greenwich meridian will bring a complete section of several parameters from the sub-tropical region towards the Antarctic Peninsula. We would like to report here the preliminary results of the BONUS-GOODHOPE promising scientific success.

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SCAR- IASC IPY conference, July 8-11 2008, St Petersburg, Russia..
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Boye, M. and Speich, S. (2008): The IPY BONUS-GOODHOPE cruise in the Southern Ocean , SCAR- IASC IPY conference, July 8-11 2008, St Petersburg, Russia. .

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