Observation of different phytoplankton groups using PhytoDOAS with SCIAMACHY data

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In order to understand the marine phytoplanktons role in the global marine ecosystem and biogeochemical cycles it is necessary to derive global information on the distribution of major functional phytoplankton types (PFT) in the world oceans. We use the PhytoDOAS method, the Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy used with input of phytoplankton differential absorption spectra, on hyperspectral satellite sensors SCIAMACHY ( Scanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric Chartography) to retrieve information on the distribution and absorption of different phytoplankton groups, in particular cyanobacteria. SCIAMACHY measures back scattered solar radiation in the UV-Vis-NIR spectral region with a high spectral resolution (0.2 to 1.5 nm). We used in-situ measured phytoplankton absorption spectra taken on five meridional transects across the Atlantic Ocean where different phytoplankton groups were representing or dominating the phytoplankton composition in order to identify these characteristic absorption spectra in SCIAMACHY data in the range of 430 to 500 nm. In addition also SCIAMACHY data were analysed with DOAS in the range of 530 to 590 where absorption from cyanobacterial photosynthetic pigment phycoerythrin was identified. Our results show clearly these phytoplankton assemblage absorptions in the SCIAMACHY data. Phytoplankton concentrations have been determined for three monthly periods (Feb-March 2004, Oct-Nov 2005 and Oct-Nov 2007). The information retrieved by DOAS from SCIAMACHY on phytoplankton groups is compared to collocated in-situ measurements and to the global model analysis with the NASA Ocean Biogeochemical Model (NOBM from http://reason.gsfc.nasa.gov/OPS/Giovanni/) according to Gregg and Casey 2006 and Gregg 2006. Results are of great importance for global modelling of marine ecosystem and climate change studies regarding changes in the ocean. http://oceanopticsconference.org/abstracts/by_session/22

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XIX OceanOptics, 7 Oct 2008, Il Ciocco - Barga, Italy..
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Bracher, A. , Taylor, B. , Vountas, M. , Dinter, T. , Burrows, J. P. , Röttgers, R. and Peeken, I. (2008): Observation of different phytoplankton groups using PhytoDOAS with SCIAMACHY data , XIX OceanOptics, 7 Oct 2008, Il Ciocco - Barga, Italy. .

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