Natürliche Gamma-Strahlung, magnetische Suszeptibilität und Tonmineralogie in Sedimentkernen aus dem Europäischen Nordmeer

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Three sediment cores (PS2613-6, PS2644-5 and PS2646-5), taken by RV "Polarstern" during the expedition "ARKTIS X/2" (1994) in the Denmark Strait and the Greenland sea, were investigated for geophysical and sedimentological properties to get information about climatic changes in the past 380 kyr (marine isotope stages 1-11). The analyses included high resolution magnetic susceptibility measurement, natural gamma ray spectrometry and clay mineral distribution by x-ray diffraction. The comparison of the results with published data, like d18O datings, are used mainly to verify the validity of the natural gamma ray.The magnetic susceptibility is useful in the North Atlantic to produce a stratigraphy.As the delivery region for the ferromagnetie magnetite, the iceland archipelago can be supposed. Differences in the natural gamma ray and the clay composition between the two cores (PS2644-5 and PS2646-5) of the Denmark Strait and the eore (PS2613-6) of the Greenland sea are obviously. Gorrelations between the measured parameters in the eores PS2644 and PS2646 are usefull to characterize the souree of the natural gamma ray. The clay mineral illite is emitting a bigger part of the natural gamma ray. Because of clay minerals as a sign of terrigenous material, the natural gamma ray can be used as a hint for terrigenous delivery region. A negative correlation between the natural gamma ray aetivity and the magnetic susceptibility is useful for stratigrafic significance. The published stratigraphic data could be verified. A correlation between the measured parameters of core PS2613-6 is not possible. The gamma ray emitting material eould not be identified, may be beeause of a superimposition of several emitting eomponents. Since the glacial periods (isotope stages 2 and 4), the clay mineral eomposition is giving hints for a powerfull East Greenland Current in the Denmark Strait, because of a high Illite content. The Irminger Current is only effective in the interglacial isotope stage 3, indieated by a high Smectit eontent.

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Matthiesen, H. (1997): Natürliche Gamma-Strahlung, magnetische Suszeptibilität und Tonmineralogie in Sedimentkernen aus dem Europäischen Nordmeer , Diplom thesis, Technical University of Aachen.

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