PYRN-Bib: The Permafrost Young Researchers Network Bibliography of Permafrost-Related Degree-Earning Theses

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PYRN-Bib is an international bibliographical database aiming at collecting and distributing information on all theses submitted for earning a scientific degree in permafrost-related research. PYRN-Bib is hosted by the Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN,, an international network of early career students and young scientists in permafrost related research with currently more than 750 members. The fully educational, non-profit project PYRN-Bib is published under the patronage of the International PermafrostAssociation (IPA).The bibliography covers all theses as long as they clearly treat aspects of permafrost research from such diverse fields as: Geophysics, Geology, Cryolithology, Biology, Biogeochemistry, Microbiology, Astrobiology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geomorphology, Remote Sensing, Modeling, Mineral and Hydrocarbon Exploration, and Science History and Education.The specific goals of PYRN-Bib are (1) to generate a comprehensive database that includes all degree-earning theses (e.g. Diploma, Ph.D., Master, etc.), coming from any country and any scientific field, under the single condition that the thesis is strongly related to research on permafrost and/or periglacial processes; (2) to reference unique but buried sources of information including theses published in languages other than English; (3) to make the database widely available to the scientific community and the general public; (4) to solicit PYRN membership; and (5) to provide a mean to map the evolution of permafrost research over the last decades, including regional trends, shifts in research direction, and/or the place of permafrost research in society.PYRN-Bib is available online and maintained by PYRN. The complete bibliography can be downloaded at no cost and is offered in different file formats: tagged Endnote library, XML, BibTex, and PDF. New entries are continuously provided by PYRN members and the scientific community. PYRN-Bib currently contains more than 1000 references to theses covering the period 1947-2009 and includes degree-earning theses from bachelor to doctoral and even professorial habilitation theses. The increasing number of thesis references starts to reflect the diversity as well as focus regions in permafrost-research. Theses currently originate from 22 countries and 10 languages. All references in PYRN-Bib are translated into English to guarantee a wider distribution. PYRN-Bib opens the door to assess to highly valuable scientific work previously hidden either by language barriers or archive dust. PYRN-Bib is a unique tool for finding information about previous student research on permafrost topics. Such theses, often the backbone of modern research, are otherwise spread over hundreds of university libraries and hard to find or even know about.We encourage students who do research in a permafrost-related topic to submit their thesis after graduation.

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IPY Oslo Science Conference, 8-12 June 2010, Oslo, Norway..
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Grosse, G. and Lantuit, H. (2010): PYRN-Bib: The Permafrost Young Researchers Network Bibliography of Permafrost-Related Degree-Earning Theses , IPY Oslo Science Conference, 8-12 June 2010, Oslo, Norway. .

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