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Hauber, E. , Reiss, D. , Ulrich, M. , Preusker, F. , Trauthan, F. , Zanetti, M. , Hiesinger, H. , Jaumann, R. , Johansson, L. , Johnsson, A. , Olvmo, M. , Carlsson, E. , Johansson, H. A. B. and McDaniel, S. (2011): Periglacial landscapes on Svalbard: Terrestrial analogs for cold-climate landforms on Mars , in Garry, W.B., and Bleacher, J.E. (Eds.), Analogs for Planetary Exploration. Geological Society of America Special Papers 483., The Geological Society of America, 567 p., ISBN: 9780813724836 .


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