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Chapligin, B. , Leng, M. J. , Webb, E. A. , Alexandre, A. , Dodd, J. P. , Ijiri, A. , Lücke, A. , Shemesh, A. , Abelmann, A. , Herzschuh, U. , Longstaffe, F. J. , Meyer, H. , Moschen, R. , Okazaki, Y. , Rees, N. H. , Sharp, Z. D. , Sloane, H. J. , Sonzogni, C. , Swann, G. E. A. , Sylvestre, F. , Tyler, J. J. and Yam, R. (2011): Final results from the inter-laboratory comparison of d18O values of biogenic silica , Isotopes in Biogenic Silica (IBiS) Meeting 2011, Antwerp (Belgium), April 4-6 .

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