Density of alkyl esters and its mixtures

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Biodiesel density is a key parameter in biodiesel simulations and process development. In this work we selected, evaluated and improved two density models, one theoretical (Rackett-Soave) and one empirical (Lapuerta's method) for methanol based biodiesels (FAME) and ethanol based biodiesel (FAEE). For this purpose, biodiesel was produced from vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, olive, safflower and other two commercial mixtures of vegetable oils) and animal fats (edible and crude pork fat and beef tallow) using both methanol and ethanol for the transesterification reactions, and blended to get 21 FAME and 21 FAEE, reporting their density and detailed composition. Bibliographic data have also been used. The Rackett-Soave method has been improved by the use of a new acentric factor correlation, whereas the parameters of the empirical one are improved by considering a bigger density data bank. Results show that the evaluated models could be used to estimate the biodiesel density with a good grade of accuracy but the performed modifications improve the accuracy of the models: ARD (%) for FAME; 0.33, and FAEE; 0.26, both calculated with the modification of Rackett-Soave method and ARD (%) for FAME; 0.40 calculated with the modification of the Lapuerta's method).

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García, M. , Alba, J. , Gonzalo, A. , Sanchez, J. and Arauzo, J. (2012): Density of alkyl esters and its mixtures , Bremerhaven, PANGAEA .

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