Ten Tales of Drivers and Barriers in Data Sharing

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The booklet is a collection of success stories and lessons learned in the area of data sharing, re-use and preservation. These use cases outline the state of play in this dynamic area, and are meant to help stakeholders appreciate the vast potential for innovation as well as barriers to success in the field. These ten tales, selected by the Opportunities for Data Exchange (ODE) project, are based on personal interviews with leaders in scientific communities, research infrastructures, management and policy initiatives. These unique perspectives look at data sharing from many angles, and provide fresh, first-hand accounts of experience and involvement in the following areas: Leading-edge scientific research, Funding policy, coordination of large-scale e-infrastructures, Researcher access to e-infrastructures and extending data infrastructures to meet the needs of the modern classroom. Opportunities for Data Exchange (ODE), a project funded by the European Commission (FP7), is gathering evidence to support and promote data sharing, re-use and preservation. ODE partners are members of the Alliance for Permanent Access (APA) and represent stakeholders with significant influence within their communities. ODE is identifying, collating, interpreting and delivering evidence for emerging best practice in sharing, re-using, safeguarding and citing data. ODE is also documenting drivers of change, and barriers to progress in this important area. The AlfredWegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research has produced this booklet on behalf of the ODE Project for dissemination at the 2011 APA Conference, 8-9 November, in London, and beyond.

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Schäfer, A. , Dallmeier-Tiessen, S. , Pfeiffenberger, H. , Pampel, H. , Tissari, S. , Darby, R. , Giaretta, D. , Giaretta, K. , Gitmans, K. , Helin, H. , Lambert, S. , Mele, S. , Reilly, S. , Ruiz, S. , Sandberg, M. , Schallier, W. , Schrimpf, S. , Smit, E. , Wilkinson, M. and Wilson, M. (2011): Ten Tales of Drivers and Barriers in Data Sharing [Other]

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