Age and growth of skates of the genus Bathyraja in Argentina

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In the last 20 years directed shark and ray fishery has increased alarmingly everywhere in the world. For most species though, no data on growth rate, mortality, fecundity and other life history aspects exist as of now and management of the fishery is therefore insufficient. Also there still exist methodological difficulties in the age determination of elasmobranchs fishes, a fact which complicates the investigation of growth parameters. This study tried to identify the best ageing methods and estimate growth parameters for ten skate species of the genus Bathyraja, all occurring in the southwest Atlantic in depths of 50m and more. 720 samples were collected on board of argentine research vessels in between 2003 and 2005. Crystal violet and a new staining method using potassium permanganate, both applied on sagittal sections of vertebral centra, proved to be most effective in enhancing the banding pattern in most of the species. Thorns were also tested and readings were consistent with the ones made on vertebral sections. Growth parameters could be derived for six species and for the other four estimates could be made. Growth rate as well as infinite length varied between species, with those attaining bigger sizes having lower growth rates. No latitudinal differences in growth rate could be detected but a comparison with samples from other studies showed that total lengths were always reported to be higher around the Malvinas Islands.

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Bücker, A. (2006): Age and growth of skates of the genus Bathyraja in Argentina , Master thesis, University of Bremen; Faculty for Biology and Chemistry, Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarollo Pesquero.

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