Evolutionary potential in marine populations: workshop summary

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Few studies to date have quantified the evolutionary potential of marine populations or the underlying mechanisms of adaptation to changing climate in the marine realm. Also, given the recognition of the increasing importance of non-genetic inheritance, the balance between genetic adaptation (selection on standing genetic variation) and epigenetic effects (e.g. transgenerational phenotypic plasticity) in response to fast-changing selective agents in the marine environment needs to be reset. These issues were addressed at a workshop held from 17-21 September 2012 on the island of Sylt, Germany that brought together researchers with a primary focus on the evolutionary potential of marine populations to adapt to rapidly changing environments. The workshop was arranged into three broad topics that included: molecular and quantitative genetic approaches to investigate adaptation in marine populations, abiotic and biotic selective agents that lead to changes in genetic variation, and non-genetic inheritance as a mechanism to cope with rapid environmental change. Sessions were structured around five plenary presentations given by invited experts, with contributed talks and posters providing supporting information and additional examples of elegant studies using various experimental approaches. These presentations as well as interactions outside the seminar room gave an excellent overview of the current knowledge status of this emerging topic. The workshop concluded with a lively group discussion summarising some remaining knowledge gaps and ideas for future innovative collaborative projects.

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Eur-Oceans Consortium Annual Council Meeting, 07 Feb 2013 - 08 Feb 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Shama, L. (2013): Evolutionary potential in marine populations: workshop summary , Eur-Oceans Consortium Annual Council Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, 7 February 2013 - 8 February 2013 .

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