Short communication: a new dataset for estimating organic carbon storage to 3 m depth in soils of the northern circumpolar permafrost region

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High latitude terrestrial ecosystems are key components in the global carbon (C) cycle. The Northern Circumpolar Soil Carbon Database (NCSCD) was developed to quantify stocks of soil organic carbon (SOC) in the northern circumpolar permafrost region (18.7×106 km2 5 ). The NCSCD is a digital Geographical Information systems (GIS) database compiled from harmonized regional soil classification maps, in which data on soil coverage has been linked to pedon data from the northern permafrost regions. Previously, the NCSCD has been used to calculate SOC content (SOCC) and mass (SOCM) to the reference depths 0–30 cm and 0–100 cm (based on 1778 pedons). It 10 has been shown that soils of the northern circumpolar permafrost region also contain significant quantities of SOC in the 100–300 cm depth range, but there has been no circumpolar compilation of pedon data to quantify this SOC pool and there are no spatially distributed estimates of SOC storage below 100 cm depth in this region. Here we describe the synthesis of an updated pedon dataset for SOCC in deep soils 15 of the northern circumpolar permafrost regions, with separate datasets for the 100– 200 cm (524 pedons) and 200–300 cm (356 pedons) depth ranges. These pedons have been grouped into the American and Eurasian sectors and the mean SOCC for different soil taxa (subdivided into Histels, Turbels, Orthels, Histosols, and permafrost-free mineral soil taxa) has been added to the updated NCSCDv2. The updated version of 20 the database is freely available online in several different file formats and spatial resolutions that enable spatially explicit usage in e.g. GIS and/or terrestrial ecosystem models. The potential applications and limitations of the NCSCDv2 in spatial analyses are briefly discussed. An open access data-portal for all the described GIS-datasets is available online at: The NC25 SCDv2 database has the doi:10.5879/ECDS/00000002.

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DOI 10.5194/essdd-6-73-2013

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Hugelius, G. , Tarnocai, C. , Bockheim, J. G. , Camill, P. , Eberling, B. , Grosse, G. , Harden, J. , Johnson, K. , Jorgenson, T. , Koven, C. , Kuhry, P. , Michaelson, G. , Mishra, U. , Palmtag, J. , Palmtag, J. , Ping, C. L. , O'Donnell, J. , Schirrmeister, L. , Schuur, E. A. G. , Sheng, Y. , Smith, L. , Strauss, J. and Yu, Z. (2013): Short communication: a new dataset for estimating organic carbon storage to 3 m depth in soils of the northern circumpolar permafrost region , Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss.,, 6 , pp. 73-93 . doi: 10.5194/essdd-6-73-2013

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