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A significant task during and after the execution of a scientific project is archiving the resulting datasets, which might serve as references for scientific papers and become the start point for undergoing related studies. This task demands a series of efforts not only from the data producer, who should deliver data along with a coherent description of its content and structure -- the so-called metadata--, but also from the data provider, who is responsible for its storage, transformation, distribution, and preservation in a consistent way. The researcher who produces the data plays an essential role in thissystem, like the autotrophs in the food chain, by feeding it with new information. But a complex description of the simulation scenarios and metadata profiles complicate the ingest activity, and he or she might become easily the bottleneck in the entire system. This presentation discusses the data management facilities adopted by C3Grid and addresses the innovative developments in the climate community to alleviate the metadata generation, extraction, and management such as Federico (Fedora Enabled Repository with Cocoon), a state-of-the-art AJAX frontend for the Fedora Commons Repository developed in the scope of the work package #3 of Wissgrid, Long Term Preservation of Research Archives.

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DESY Computing Seminar (DVSEM), 31 Jan 2011 - 31 Jan 2011, DESY, Hamburg.
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Fritzsch, B. and Mejía Villar, J. A. (2011): About Data Management in Climate Research , DESY Computing Seminar (DVSEM), DESY, Hamburg, 31 January 2011 - 31 January 2011 .

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