EU-FP7 MIDAS: Introduction to WP10 (New monitoring technologies)

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WP10 aims to identify and refine monitoring technologies to assess mining impacts on deep-sea ecosystems - ahead of mining (baseline studies), concurrent to mining and after exploration is finished. Established and cutting edge monitoring technologies will be compiled and assessed, and selected technologies will be tested and demonstrated. WP10 is truly cross-cutting and will, in close cooperation with WPs 1-6, compile key monitoring targets to characterize the physical impact, the response of the ecosystem, as well as potential and actual recovery. Knowledge from WP1 and WP2 will be incorporated in order to identify physico-chemical characteristics and spatial scales of mining impacts for the different resources and habitats. Results obtained in WP3 and 5 will be crucial to select environmental conditions, organisms, and processes that need to be monitored in order to not miss ecosystem components of particular importance and sensitivity. Exchange of knowledge with WP4 and 6 will make sure that monitoring provides the information needed to minimize impacts by proper mining strategies and to successfully detect deterioration and recovery of deep-sea faunal communities. The combination of partners from industry and academia will make the full range of existing methodology available and allow to come up with monitoring technologies that suit impacts of industrial mining gear and prerequisites for routine monitoring by industry. Along this line WP10 will focus on technologies that are fast and cost efficient, i.e., require a minimum need for scientific expertise and efforts and encompass the full pipeline from the sample and data collection to the provision of comprehensible products (e.g., maps and metrics). Suggested monitoring solutions will be evaluated with regard to industrial practices (WP7) and transferred to WP8 and 9 to contribute to the development of protocols, standards, and guidelines. During the kick-off meeting a preliminary collection of existing deep sea ecosystem monitoring technologies and expertise at WP10 partner institutions will be presented and extended to the entire consortium. This is the first step towards the compilation, assessment, and gap analysis of monitoring technologies in research and industry (D10.1). Future WP10 tasks focusing on habitat mapping and monitoring of ecosystem functions and biodiversity will be introduced. Finally we will collect technologies and upcoming cruises that are available to carry out monitoring tests and demonstrations.

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EU FP7 MIDAS Kick off meeting, 12 Nov 2013 - 15 Nov 2013, Old Windsor, United Kingdom.
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Janssen, F. and Boetius, A. (2013): EU-FP7 MIDAS: Introduction to WP10 (New monitoring technologies) , EU FP7 MIDAS Kick off meeting, Old Windsor, United Kingdom, 12 November 2013 - 15 November 2013 .

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