Subterranean periglacial landforms in Ledena jama pod Hrušico cave, Slovenia

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Periglacial landscapes are characteristic for high latitudes or high elevations. Ice caves are environments where permafrost and periglacial conditions exist in milder climates due to specific microclimatic setting. Surface air is entering the cave only when its temperature drops below the cave air temperature. This results in a formation of cold air pool, which sustains a periglacial environment, permafrost and ice. Ice caves in karst can also contain a variety of sediments that were transported in a cave during its formation. These sediments can be subject to freeze-thaw cycles due to temperature fluctuations and form periglacial features. Ledena jama pod Hrušico cave is situated on the Hrušica plateau on the elevation of about 800 m. It consists of spacious 20 m deep shaft, debris cone and two small passages. The ice is still present in the debris cone and is quickly disappearing. One of the passages contains silty sediments, which are mixed with limestone debris. Sorted stripes are present on an inclined slope of this passage. Cave environment is less influenced by different subaerial processes thus cave environments are very suitable for controlled observations. Seven air temperature loggers were installed in order to monitor cave climate and identify processes responsible for periglacial conditions. Furthermore, we installed 12 soil temperature sensors in different parts of pattern ground to analyse the processes that lead to ground sorting. Ground movements and sorting are monitored with repeated photogrammetry. Results will help us to better understand dynamic responsible for ground sorting and soil movement processes in periglacial environments.

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ICOP 2016, 18 Jun 2016 - 24 Jun 2016, Potsdam.
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Obu, J. , Košutnik, J. , Overduin, P. , Boike, J. and Zwieback, S. (2016): Subterranean periglacial landforms in Ledena jama pod Hrušico cave, Slovenia , ICOP 2016, Potsdam, 18 June 2016 - 24 June 2016 .

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