Wissenschaftliche Monitoringkonzepte für die Deutsche Bucht (WIMO) - Abschlussbericht

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The state and development of coastal marine systems and an understanding of the interaction of organisms, sea floor, water column, and biochemical and physical processes can only be obtained by a combination of long-term monitoring and modelling approaches of different complexity. A need for the development and evaluation of monitoring strategies is driven by a framework of different European and German regulations. The research project WIMO (Scientific Monitoring Concepts for the German Bight) has developed concepts and methods that aim at a fundamental scientific understanding of marine systems and also meet monitoring requirements of European legislation and regulations like the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. In this final report examples of common descriptors of ecosystem state like seabed integrity, eutrophication, and biodiversity are discussed. It has been assessed to what extent established measuring procedures used to survey the characteristics of the sea floor, and newly developed technologies are eligible for governmental monitoring. The significance of integrative modelling for linking and visualising results of measurements and models is illustrated. It is shown how new concepts have been implemented into governmental monitoring in the form of web based data sheets. These insights enable continuous analyses and developments in the future.

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DOI 10.2314/GBV:860303926

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Winter, C. , Backer, V. , Adolph, W. , Bartholomä, A. , Becker, M. , Behr, D. , Callies, U. , Capperucci, R. , Ehlers, M. , Farke, H. , Geimecke, C. , Grayek, S. , Hass, C. , Heipke, C. , Herrling, G. , Hillebrand, H. , Hodapp, D. , Holler, P. , Jung, R. , Krasemann, H. , Kröncke, I. , Kwoll, E. , März, J. , Meyerdierks, D. , Mielck, F. , Millat, G. , Reimers, H. C. , Reuter, R. , Schmidt, A. , Staneva, J. , Stanev, E. , Beusekom van, J. and Wirtz, K. (2016): Wissenschaftliche Monitoringkonzepte für die Deutsche Bucht (WIMO) - Abschlussbericht , [Other] doi: 10.2314/GBV:860303926

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