APECS’ Online Conference, Virtual Posters and Webinars to the World

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The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) is a multidisciplinary, international organization dedicated to maintaining a network of early career researchers (ECRs) and professionals (ECPs) to share ideas, develop collaborative research directions, provide opportunities for career development, and promote education and outreach as an integral component of Polar research. Science outreach is one of APECS’ key objectives and we have found that online media is a powerful tool for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) knowledge transfer. We introduce the use of online presentations as a platform for communication, education, and networking. APECS’ Online Conference, virtual posters, and webinar series provide case studies to examine how online technology bridges geographic and disciplinary boundaries. APECS’ Online Conference allows ECRs and ECPs to present their research to an interactive, online room of viewers. The third iteration of this annual event (March 2017) appealed to science communicators with the theme: “Outside the Box: encouraging alternative solutions for undertaking and communicating polar research”. Virtual poster sessions have allowed members to share work on an array of topics, from whaling and tourism to showcasing studies affiliated with specific national research programs. Webinars have covered a variety of skills-based and scientific topics, with invited speakers addressing everything from writing grant proposals to eco-cultural communication. Each presentation is recorded and saved on APECS’ website as a free resource. ECRs, ECPs, and APECS mentors from around the world attend our events, promoting diversity in networking and helping steer the Arctic community in positive directions. We will provide examples of connections fostered by and benefits of online events, including easier dissemination of ideas across geographically distant regions and minimal cost. While this presentation focuses on APECS’ experiences, we will highlight how innovative communication promotes international cooperation and offer suggestions on how to incorporate similar elements into other outreach programs.

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Arctic Science Summit Week, 31 Mar 2017 - 07 Apr 2017, Prague, Czech Republic.
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Nielsen, H. , Thorton, A. , Bradley, A. , Lenz, J. , Hindshaw, R. and Fugmann, G. (2017): APECS’ Online Conference, Virtual Posters and Webinars to the World , Arctic Science Summit Week, Prague, Czech Republic, 31 March 2017 - 7 April 2017 .

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