APECS as an Arctic Stakeholder: Training Future Leadership of the Polar Research Community

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The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) is an international, interdisciplinary NGO for undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, early career professionals, educators, and others interested in polar regions and the wider cryosphere. The existence of APECS as a stakeholder is fundamental towards developing diverse future leadership in the Arctic community. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017, APECS has grown from a small group established during the 2007/08 International Polar Year (IPY) to a global community of more than 2,300 actively-engaged early career researchers (ECRs) and professionals (ECPs) interested in the polar regions, from over 60 countries; within the last decade, more than 7,500 individuals joined our network during the early stages of their careers. APECS creates opportunities for innovative collaborations and information exchange amongst ECRs and established professionals, thereby helping to recruit, retain, increase cooperation amongst, and promote future polar experts. APECS works with polar organizations to enable skilled early career representatives to contribute to their goals and projects, including the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) and the Arctic Council Working Groups ‘Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme’ (AMAP) and ‘Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna’ (CAFF). In these capacities, APECS members contribute to the scientific activities of the working groups, synthesizing research to identify and address areas of concern to Arctic ecosystems, communities, and Arctic residents. This presentation discusses how APECS contributes to training future leadership in the Arctic community and how members influence polar science and policy. We highlight how APECS updates activities to reflect scientific, policy, and environmental challenges in order to provide the most relevant resources to our members. Early engagement of ECRs and ECPs develops a workforce more adept to bridging the divide between scientific research and sustainable development in the Arctic and, therefore, is an investment in the future of the Arctic.

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Arctic Science Summit Week, 31 Mar 2017 - 07 Mar 2017.
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Thorton, A. , Nielsen, H. , Lenz, J. , Hindshaw, R. , Bradley, A. and Fugmann, G. (2017): APECS as an Arctic Stakeholder: Training Future Leadership of the Polar Research Community , Arctic Science Summit Week, 31 March 2017 - 7 March 2017 .

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