Disturbance-effects on treeline larch-stands in the lower Kolyma River area (NE Siberia)

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Tree stands in the boreal treeline ecotone are, in addition to climate change, impacted by disturbances such as fire, water-related disturbances and logging. We aim to understand how these disturbances affect growth, age structure, and spatial patterns of larch stands in the north-eastern Siberian treeline ecotone (lower Kolyma River region), an insufficiently researched region. Stand structure of Larix cajanderi Mayr was studied at seven sites impacted by disturbances. Maximum tree age ranged from 44 to 300 years. Young to medium-aged stands had, independent of disturbance type, the highest stand densities with over 4000 larch trees per ha. These sites also had the highest growth rates for tree height and stem diameter. Overall lowest stand densities were found in a polygonal field at the northern end of the study area, with larches growing in distinct “tree islands”. At all sites, saplings are significantly clustered. Differences in fire severity led to contrasting stand structures with respect to tree, recruit, and overall stand densities. While a low severity fire resulted in low-density stands with high proportions of small and young larches, high severity fires resulted in high-density stands with high proportions of big trees. At waterdisturbed sites, stand structure varied between waterlogged and drained sites and latitude. These mixed effects of climate and disturbance make it difficult to predict future stand characteristics and the treeline position.

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DOI 10.14214/sf.1666

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Wieczorek, M. , Kolmogorov, A. , Kruse, S. , Jacobsen, I. , Nitze, I. , Nikolaev, A. N. , Heinrich, I. , Pestryakova, L. A. and Herzschuh, U. (2017): Disturbance-effects on treeline larch-stands in the lower Kolyma River area (NE Siberia) , Silva Fennica, 51 (id 166) . doi: 10.14214/sf.1666

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