Climate change and biodiversity: How stakeholder perceptions can shape local adaptation strategies

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Global climate change has a wide range of effects on marine ecosystems. One of the most apparent consequences is the shift in local biodiversity induced by e.g. altering temperatures and changes in species range. The biodiversity and economy in the North Sea are especially affected by those shifts in the distribution and abundance of native and non-native species as well as extreme weather events. These pressures can have cumulative effects on entire food webs as well as the goods and services we draw from the stability and productivity of these ecosystems. Despite the major challenges this problem poses on a global scale we will have to combat its causes and adapt to the coming changes on a local scale, requiring local adaptation strategies and involving all relevant stakeholders. Two workshops were conducted to assess perceived threats and opportunities and highlight the areas stakeholders perceive to be the most important in adapting to the coming changes. The first workshops target group consisted of stakeholders ranging from fisheries, fish processing, local government and tourism associations to NGOs, while the seconds target audience were early stage marine researchers. Perceptions about the importance of certain shifts and trends differ widely between the groups. Local directly affected stakeholders have differing priorities from scientists and envision different approaches to adaptation. This highlights the need for improved communication between all parties to enable the creation of effective adaptation strategies.

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ICES/PICES 3rd Early Career Scientist Conference, 30 May 2017 - 02 Jun 2017, Busan, Korea.
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Schupp, M. F. , Hörterer, C. , Benkens, A. and Buck, B. H. (2017): Climate change and biodiversity: How stakeholder perceptions can shape local adaptation strategies , ICES/PICES 3rd Early Career Scientist Conference, Busan, Korea, 30 May 2017 - 2 June 2017 .

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