Influence of ISPs from a polar sea-ice microalga on whipped cream detected by cryo-Raman microscopy

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The occurrence of recrystallization and large ice areas after storage of frozen food products makes the use of ice-structuring proteins (ISPs) in food products meaningful. Food products are frozen to extend shelf-life during long storage periods while preservation of the overall sensoric quality. Recrystallisation processes alter and, in the worst case, damage the structure of the food, resulting in an unsightly thawed e.g. cream cake or cream puff product. Freezing and freeze storage behaviour of various food products should be investigated in order to optimize the manufacturing of frozen products and to maintain the product quality with appropriate storage until the consumers usage. We present a study on the influence of ice-structuring proteins, isolated from the sea-ice microalgae Fragilariopsis cylindrus (fcISP), on frozen whipped cream. The individual phases of the frozen cream foam have been detected by cryo-Raman spectroscopy and visualized. The advantage of the unique cryo-Raman spectroscopy system available at the AWI is that the individual components can be detected not only qualitatively, but also localized in the frozen sample. We show that the fat and ice structure in frozen cream, and their temperature-induced changes, are well detectable by cryo-Raman spectroscopy. Furthermore, the effect of fcISPs on the microstructure shows an inhibition of ice recrystallization, leading to smaller grain aggregates and a finer fat distribution than without fcISPs. We therefore suggest that fcISPs are an effective mean in controlling recrystallization processes in frozen goods.

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3rd Ice Binding Conference, 13 Aug 2017 - 17 Aug 2017, Rehovot (Israel).
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Roeder, I. , Bayer-Giraldi, M. , Weikusat, C. and Huen, J. (2017): Influence of ISPs from a polar sea-ice microalga on whipped cream detected by cryo-Raman microscopy , 3rd Ice Binding Conference, Rehovot (Israel), 13 August 2017 - 17 August 2017 .

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