The moisture effect on 223Ra and 224Ra measurements using Mn-cartridges

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Important processes in the ocean can be evaluated with radioactive nuclides, including radium isotopes. An approach for quantifying radium isotopes in seawater with in-situ pumps has been developed in advance of the GEOTRACES program [1]. Precise measurements of 223Ra and 224Ra by means of the delayed coincidence counting system (RaDeCC) [2] are dependent on the moisture content of the medium [3]. In order to verify the optimum moisture content for this new approach, a set of measurements of the Mn-cartridge standards under different moisture conditions was conducted, as this was done previously for acrylic fiber. At a time, an amount of water equivalent to 5% of the cartridges weight was added, and the activities were determined. The variation of 224Ra activity occurs mainly between 0 to 15% of humidity. Under moisture conditions higher than 15%, the emanation efficiency reaches an optimum plateau until 100% of moisture. This result differs slightly from those found for 224Ra measurements using the acrylic fiber (plateau from 30 to 100 %) [3]. The 223Ra Mn-cartridge standard reaches the plateau under 5% of humidity, and above 50% moisture the activity seems to decrease. Considering the counting error (7%), it is hard to state that the effect of the moisture is critical. However, this decrease can be related to the shorter half-life of the 219Rn compared to the time needed to its diffusion through the water film, which could be a reason for the frequently observed lower efficiency of the 223Ra channel of the RaDeCC system [4]. [1] Henderson et al. (2013) J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem. 296, 357–362. [2] Moore and Arnold (1996) J. Geophys. Res. 101, 321–1329. [3] Sun and Torgersen (1998) Mar. Chem. 61, 163–171. [4] Charette et al. (2012) Limnol. Oceanogr. 10, 451–463.

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Goldschmidt Conference, 13 Aug 2017 - 18 Aug 2017, Paris.
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Paiva, M. and Rutgers v. d. Loeff, M. (2017): The moisture effect on 223Ra and 224Ra measurements using Mn-cartridges , Goldschmidt Conference, Paris, 13 August 2017 - 18 August 2017 .

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