Arctic benthic diversity research with PANABIO: Scale, sharing, and modelling

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Arctic marine biota are affected profoundly and at large scales by accelerating environmental change, such as, e.g., ocean warming and sea-ice decline. Moreover, increasing human activities add further cumulative pressures. Substantial shifts in ecosystem functions and services, including biodiversity, are expected. To understand, predict, and mitigate the profound ecological consequences of such shifts, it is critical to identify and analyze the relationships between environmental drivers and ecosystem functions at a range of scales (local, regional, and pan-Arctic). We are addressing this challenge by means of a pan-Arctic knowledge system on benthic biota (PANABIO). Underpinned by international efforts to combine data and expertise, PANABIO integrates quality-controlled and geo-referenced data on benthic communities in a public data-warehouse. The system will serve as a versatile means for (a) providing ecological baseline-data to gauge ecosystem changes, (b) analysing coupling mechanisms between environmental drivers and ecosystem functions/services on regional and pan-Arctic scales, (c) developing future ecosystem scenarios in response to external forcing, and (d) creating online stakeholder-oriented visualization and analysis tools. The talk will introduce into PANABIO’s rationale, demonstrate the huge up-scaling of benthic data, report on our achievements to support data-sharing, as well as explain the approach how to use community-level distribution models to discern benthic communities in relation to multiple-factor environmental forcing, including sea-ice dynamics.

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CONFÉRENCES A QUÉBEC-OCÉAN, 15 Feb 2018 - 15 Feb 2018, Université Laval, Québec/Canada.
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Piepenburg, D. , Kraan, C. , Holstein, J. , Kloss, P. and Brey, T. (2018): Arctic benthic diversity research with PANABIO: Scale, sharing, and modelling , CONFÉRENCES A QUÉBEC-OCÉAN, Université Laval, Québec/Canada, 15 February 2018 - 15 February 2018 .

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