A one-stop-shop framework for discovery

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Abstract is a component of our data flow framework designed to enable a semi-automated flow of sensor observations to archives (acronym O2A). The dramatic increase in the number and type of platforms and respective sensors operated by Alfred Wegener Institute along with complex project-driven requirements in terms of satellite communication, sensor monitoring, quality control and validation, processing pipelines, visualization, and archival under FAIR principles, led us to build a generic and cost-effective data flow framework. Most important, all components and services which make up this framework are extensible and exchangeble, were built using open access technologies (e.g. elastic search) and vocabularies (SeaVox NERC 2.0 vocabulary) and are compliant with various interoperability standards recommended by the international community. In this poster we illustrate the component which is a one-stop-shop framework for enabling discovery and dissemination of heterogeneous scientific information. Because the metadata and data generated and captured by the other O2A components are machine-readable and interoperable, we were able to build harvesting and indexing solutions which enable scientists and other stakeholders to discover content ranging from platforms/sensors, tracklines, field reports, near real-time data to quality-controlled data, map products and peer-reviewed publications. Scientific Disciplin/Research Area: Findability, Interoperability, Integration, Re-use. Relevance/Link to RDA: In the context of our harvesting approach, we are interacting with the RDA "Brokering Framework" Working Group and "Brokering" Interest Group.

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RDA plenary 2018, 21 Mar 2018 - 21 Mar 2018.
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Koppe, R. , Gerchow, P. , Macario, A. , Haas, A. , Schäfer-Neth, C. , Schumacher, S. , Driemel, A. , Cornils, A. , Hehemann, L. , Eilers, J. , Rehmcke, S. , Walter, A. , Düde, T. , Weidinger, P. , Schäfer, A. and Pfeiffenberger, H. (2018): A one-stop-shop framework for discovery , RDA plenary 2018, 21 March 2018 - 21 March 2018 .

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