A stratigraphic link among the NE Greenland and Mid-Norwegian continental margins based on reflection seismics and borehole data

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During the last decades, the Norwegian-Greenland Sea has been a focus of intensive research. The region is important for the understanding of the Cenozoic climate evolution from the opening of the North Atlantic at approximately 55 Ma to the late-Cenozoic glaciations. In 2003, the Alfred Wegener Institute conducted a seismic survey along the NE Greenland shelf and slope during expedition ARKTIS XIX leg 4a with RV Polarstern. Seven seismic profiles from this data set were re-processed applying processing techniques such as filtering, multiple suppression, stacking and time migration. Furthermore, a seismic net consisting of 13 processed profiles along the Mid-Norwegian margin with a special focus on the Vøring Plateau area reaching into the deep-sea were provided by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD). Five NPD profiles were chosen and served as a link between the deep-sea parts of the NE Greenland and Norwegian margins (Vøring Plateau) for a seismo-stratigraphic correlation, based on reflection characteristics from Eocene to Pleistocene times. Borehole data of the Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) and its successor, the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) supported seismic and sequence stratigraphic correlations among the two continental margins via sonic velocities from log measurements. The borehole data is based on previous literature researches, shipboard scientific reports and initial reports. In addition to that, recent magnetic anomaly grids provided the basis for an age determination of the acoustic basement along the profiles in the deep-sea and the Vøring Plateau. Based on these data sets, an updated Cenozoic stratigraphic model of the NE Greenland continental margin could be derived. The results should ease and encourage selections of drilling spots and offshore seismic data acquisitions for future research expeditions, since both will contribute to amore detailed picture of the Cenozoic strata and the geological evolution of the Norwegian-Greenland Sea.

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Haas, M. (2018): A stratigraphic link among the NE Greenland and Mid-Norwegian continental margins based on reflection seismics and borehole data , Master thesis, Montanuniversität Leoben.

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