Multi-proxy reconstruction of sea surface and subsurface temperatures in the western South Atlantic over the last ∼75 kyr

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Millennial-scale oscillations are known to be important in the climatic evolution of the Atlantic basin, but which internal processes originates these oscillations are still uncertain. In this study, we investigated how the Greenland and Antarctic climates affect the SW Atlantic through basin-wide oceanographic features (such as the NADW formation and the Agulhas leakage). We reconstructed sea surface and subsurface temperatures (SST and subT) using three lipid-based biomarker proxies (UK’37, TEX86 and LDI indexes) from a sediment core (NAP 63-1) retrieved from the SW Atlantic slope (24.8°S, 44.3°W). This location allowed us to evaluate the temperature oscillations of the Brazil Current without any terrigenous or upwelling-derived biases. Both TEX86-based and LDI-based estimates represent the mean annual SST, while the UK’37-based estimates represent the subT (around 30m water depth). The periods with the most well-mixed water column were observed during intervals of cooling orbital trends due to the time required to transfer the surface cooling to the subsurface. The temperature reconstructions showed a general colder MIS 3 when compared to the MIS 4. They also showed evidence of a late response to deglaciation, with its onset in the SW Atlantic occurring in the middle of the Last Glacial Maximum. Based on these reconstructions, the NAP 63-1 SST orbital-scale trend seems to be linked to the Antarctic climate, influenced by local insolation changes. These temperature records also presented a clear millennial periodicity around 8 kyr. On this timescale, the millennial oscillations in the SW Atlantic's SST are likely linked to the NADW formation

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DOI 10.1016/j.quascirev.2019.04.020

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Dauner, A. L. L. , Mollenhauer, G. , Bícego, M. C. , de Souza, M. M. , Nagai, R. H. , Figueira, R. C. L. , de Mahiques, M. M. , Sousa, S. H. d. M. e. and Martins, C. C. (2019): Multi-proxy reconstruction of sea surface and subsurface temperatures in the western South Atlantic over the last ∼75 kyr , Quaternary Science Reviews, 215 , pp. 22-34 . doi: 10.1016/j.quascirev.2019.04.020

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