In situ detection of krill and salps using a video camera system in the Southern Ocean and its further development

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The polar expedition PS112 of the research vessel “FS Polarstern” took place from March to May 2018 to study the impact of climate change on the Antarctic ecosystem. Due to the temperature rise in the Antarctic, possible e�ects on the two organism Antarctic krill and salps were investigated. The expedition made a combined e�ort with a CTD rosette water sampler and a video camera system supporting the ecological research goals. In the present master thesis, video recordings were evaluated with regards to the observation of krill and salps. By simultaneously performing CTD measurement, parameters water temperature, salinity, chlorophyll fluorescence, oxygen and water depth of each sighting could be assigned in the video. This mapping provided important information and knowledge about the Antarctic krill and salps, which could not be detected through the use of network traps. Since the used camera system was not a live image system, the video footage could only be downloaded and viewed after completing the measurements. Thus, it was possible to obtain information about the organism which was recorded when and where. The combined use of camera and CTD rosette water sampler has a much greater potential for research investigations when using a live camera system. Therefore, in addition to the evaluation of the video material of Expedition PS 112, the conceptual design of a live camera system that can be integrated in a CTD rosette water sampler system was performed. The use of Fiber optic technology for data transmission o�ers, as applied in this concept, the potential for the construction of a Multi-sensor platform for marine research.

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Butter, M. (2019): In situ detection of krill and salps using a video camera system in the Southern Ocean and its further development , Master thesis, University of Oldenburg.

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