WebGIS-Project "maps[at]awi" : Marine Reflection Seismics: Arctic, Antarctic, Overview

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Report about the data visualisation employing AWI’s WebGIS-infrastructure maps@awi (http://maps.awi.de), a highly scalable data visualisation unit within AWI’s data workflow framework O2A (from Observation to Archive). The presented map-project can be accessed via https://maps.awi.de/awimaps/projects/ and further keywords as: Reflection seismics; Geophysics; Seismic profiles; Multichannel Reflection Seismics; Marine Seismics. The corresponding WebGIS pages present the location of seismic reflection lines acquired by the Geophysics Section of the Alfred Wegener Institute. They documents location, date, contact persons, and descriptions of the surveys. JPG-Images are provided for significant seismic profiles. Seismic reflection experiments are carried out to image the structure of the subsurface and reconstruct geological or geophysical events such as erosion, modifications in depositional conditions or tectonic. The findings provide constraints on the development of ocean basins, gateways, ridge- and rifts-systems, and how they influenced paleoceanography and natural climate variability on long timescales. Still, this WebGIS provides a regional subset of seismic lines. Mapping of a global overview and subsequent archiving of seismic data to Pangaea-Database started quite recently, and will be updated continuously. Please contact for any information on seismic profiles: info.geophysics[at]awi.de or info-geophysics[at]awi.de

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Conference (Talk)
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Helmholtz Cross Cutting Activity (2021-2027)
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AWI-Geophysics, AGT: Working Group Report, 24 Nov 2021 - 24 Nov 2021, Bremerhaven.
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Weigelt, E. , Haas, A. and Walter, A. (2021): WebGIS-Project "maps[at]awi" : Marine Reflection Seismics: Arctic, Antarctic, Overview , AWI-Geophysics, AGT: Working Group Report, Bremerhaven, 24 November 2021 - 24 November 2021 .

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