20-year satellite observations of phytoplankton functional types (PFTs) in the Atlantic Ocean

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Phytoplankton composition structure varies in ocean biomes. Different phytoplankton groups drive differently the marine ecosystem and biogeochemical processes. Therefore, variations in phytoplankton composition influence the entire ocean environment, specifically the ocean energy transfer, the deep ocean carbon export, water quality etc. As one of the algorithms deriving phytoplankton composition from space borne data, the EOF-PFT algorithm was developed using multi-spectral satellite data collocated to an extensive global in-situ PFT data set based on HPLC pigments and sea surface temperature data (Xi et al. 2020, 2021). By using multi-sensor merged products and Sentinel-3 OLCI data, the algorithm provides global chlorophyll a (Chla) data with per-pixel uncertainty for diatoms, haptophytes, dinoflagellates, chlorophytes and prokaryotic phytoplankton spanning the period from 2002 until today, with products available on the EU Copernicus Marine Service (CMEMS). The objectives of this study are to 1) evaluate CMEMS PFT products and improve their continuity along the products derived from different satellite sensors, and 2) 20-year satellite PFT products for time series analysis of climatology, trends, anomaly and phenology of multiple PFTs in the whole Atlantic and its different biogeochemical provinces (Longhurst, 2006).

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ESA Living Planet Symposium 2022, 23 May 2022 - 27 May 2022, Bonn, Germany.
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Xi, H. , Bretagnon, M. , Losa, S. N. , Mangin, A. , Alvarado, L. , Gomes, M. , Brotas, V. and Bracher, A. (2022): 20-year satellite observations of phytoplankton functional types (PFTs) in the Atlantic Ocean , ESA Living Planet Symposium 2022, Bonn, Germany, 23 May 2022 - 27 May 2022 .

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