The Kraken Pulse Oximeter. Developing a concept to non-invasively measure blood oxygen saturation in Cephalopods.

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As part of an international project to bring humane slaughtering methods to cephalopod molluscs, the Alfred-Wegener-Institute in Bremerhaven contributes by facilitating a subproject. The overall aim of the international project is to prevent marine animals from experiencing pain and distress during slaughter by improving on current methods. The subproject aims to conceive a proof of concept based on pulse oximetry to measure oxygen saturation in cephalopod molluscs. The created system ought to be the base for prospective hardware to analyse cephalopods during anaesthetized conditions to establish enhanced humane stunning procedures. The creation of a transmissive-based pulse oximeter prototype using Arduino, a physical computing platform, represents a pivotal phase within the scope of this thesis. Furthermore, this thesis deals with the development of a customised calibration method to calculate SpO2 values, an alternative to the previously applied software, that yielded erroneous results. The required data to perform customised calculations were collected from measurements done on test subjects. Finally, the conception of a model for cephalopods is presented based on the outcomes of the prototype. Despite difficulties due to the inconvenient structure of the hardware, general proof of concept for the developed prototype can be declared at the end of the project. Based on these findings the realization of a suitable concept for cephalopods is presumably feasible. This paper is intended to act as a foundation for further advancements toward the non-invasive measurement of oxygen saturation in cephalopods through the application of the theoretical and practical knowledge that was acquired throughout this project.

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Elancheliyan, B. (2022): The Kraken Pulse Oximeter. Developing a concept to non-invasively measure blood oxygen saturation in Cephalopods. , Bachelor thesis, Hochschule Bremerhaven.

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