The mixed-layer depth in the Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (OMIP): impact of resolving mesoscale eddies

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<jats:p>Abstract. The ocean mixed layer is the interface between the ocean interior and the atmosphere or sea ice and plays a key role in climate variability. It is thus critical that numerical models used in climate studies are capable of a good representation of the mixed layer, especially its depth. Here we evaluate the mixed-layer depth (MLD) in six pairs of non-eddying (1∘ grid spacing) and eddy-rich (up to 1/16∘) models from the Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (OMIP), forced by a common atmospheric state. For model evaluation, we use an updated MLD dataset computed from observations using the OMIP protocol (a constant density threshold). In winter, low-resolution models exhibit large biases in the deep-water formation regions. These biases are reduced in eddy-rich models but not uniformly across models and regions. The improvement is most noticeable in the mode-water formation regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Results in the Southern Ocean are more contrasted, with biases of either sign remaining at high resolution. In eddy-rich models, mesoscale eddies control the spatial variability in MLD in winter. Contrary to a hypothesis that the deepening of the mixed layer in anticyclones would make the MLD larger globally, eddy-rich models tend to have a shallower mixed layer at most latitudes than coarser models do. In addition, our study highlights the sensitivity of the MLD computation to the choice of a reference level and the spatio-temporal sampling, which motivates new recommendations for MLD computation in future model intercomparison projects. </jats:p>

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DOI 10.5194/gmd-16-3849-2023

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Treguier, A. M. , de Boyer Montégut, C. , Bozec, A. , Chassignet, E. P. , Fox-Kemper, B. , Hogg, A. M. , Iovino, D. , Kiss, A. E. , Le Sommer, J. , Li, Y. , Lin, P. , Lique, C. , Liu, H. , Serazin, G. , Sidorenko, D. , Wang, Q. , Xu, X. and Yeager, S. (2023): The mixed-layer depth in the Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (OMIP): impact of resolving mesoscale eddies , Geoscientific Model Development, 16 (13), pp. 3849-3872 . doi: 10.5194/gmd-16-3849-2023

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