Pan arctic coastal settlements exposition to coastal erosion and warming permafrost

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Under a context of unprecedented and rapid temperature increase of the Arctic region, coastal communities are exposed to greater vulnerability from permafrost degradation, flooding events, and amplified coastal erosion, affecting infrastructure stability and indigenous livelihood. Pan-arctic coastal infrastructures were mapped from Sentinel-1/2 in imagery and shorelines change rates were retrieved for the 2000-2020 period from Landsat imagery using Deep Learning /Machine Learning methods. Permafrost (active layer thickness and ground temperature) time series are available from ESA CCI+ Permafrost. These Pan-arctic datasets were compared to high-resolution local data from satellite, aerial, in situ data and drone imagery for validation process. Combined, these datasets are used to assess pan-arctic coastal settlements vulnerability and risks associated to shoreline change rates. This work is part of the ESA EO4PAC project aiming to provide a range of satellite derived information, including coastal changes and infrastructure in the proximity, for the next generation of the Arctic Coastal Dynamic Database (ACD; Lantuit, et al. 2012).

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Tanguy, R. , Bartsch, A. , Widhalm, B. , v. Baeckmann, C. , Efimova, A. , Nitze, I. , Irrgang, A. M. , Petzold, P. , Vieira, G. , Boike, J. and Martin, J. (2023): Pan arctic coastal settlements exposition to coastal erosion and warming permafrost

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